Short Films

My Waterloo: Undercroft

For this project, we were asked to create a film in Waterloo about anything that we found interesting. After walking along embankment, I saw people gathered watching people skate at this amazing graffitied spot. I joined the spectators and watched the skaters as they wove in between each other and gracefully made their way around the park. I felt like I was watching some strange kind of dance; that the park was the stage and we, the spectators, stared in amazement as the skaters danced around each other. This is what I tried to capture in "My Waterloo; Undercroft". By adding the classical music, it bought this majestic element to the park (which completely contrasts how people view skaters) and gave the film a humorous feel to it.


1 Minute Documentary;  

"Man Proposes, God Disposes"

This was the first assignment we were given at Royal Holloway. The brief was to create a 1 minute documentary with the subject matter being "The Secret". I wanted to make a secret that Holloway was hiding away and after a some research I found out about a supposedly haunted painting with a dark history that was still on the campus of my university. My aim was to create a haunted feeling video through close ups, music and without any narration. The following was the result.


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My First Short Films (2009-ISH)

5 Things to do Before you Die - Circa 2009

James Bond: Laugh or Let Die - Circa 2009